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barrattWelcome to the Adult Basic Skills Professional Development online course on Teaching LD Students: A Four Dimensional View! The course content has been created by Katherine Barratt, whose career includes extensive practical teaching experience in adult basic education. She taught 13 years in the First Year Studies Department at Landmark College, Vermont, a school exclusively for students with learning disabilities (LD) and attention deficit disorder (ADD).

Upon completion of the course, learners will understand:

  • The general learning behaviors of a brain-based LD and ADD.
  • How a learning difference can significantly impact learning.
  • The significance of ones cognitive and self-belief system to gauge learning readiness.
  • The essential characteristics of the four domains that affect student learning.
  • How the domains are linked together in the adult learning process.
  • Teaching strategies that are particularly effective for LD students.

The last part of this course will provide an assessment instrument in simple outline form that identifies several behaviors in each domain that you may observe in your students. They contrast actions that indicate balance with those showing an imbalance. For example, an imbalance is evident in students who feel self-doubt and fear mistakes versus the balanced perspective of the student who accepts learning challenges and uses mistakes to relearn. The last section also contains a sample student profile that is adaptable to your present student population.

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As you move through the course you will find preview and reflection questions for each section. They will help organize your thoughts and ideas. Using the reflection questions helps integrate the new material into your present knowledge base and retain the information presented in the course. All the questions can be found in the Reflection_Questions, a Word document you can download to put in your answers and notes. Click here to download the question guide. As you move through the course, there will be other Word documents that you can download to use in a variety of ways in your work.

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